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Take 10% Off Your First Order: Use Code SIRRAH10

Take Tіmе Fоr You

The summer is almost over. As the school year begins, we hit the ground running. The memorable moments of summer past times quickly fade into the backdrop of our lives and we begin anew working relentlessly to juggle family, work and home. We can so easily forget to take time out for ourselves. Making time for yourself doesn’t necessarily require purchasing a plane ticket for a weekend getaway or extended vacation. Nor does it have to be spending time being pampered and unwinding from daily hassles at a spa. Although both sound very appealing, the costs can quickly add up. So, here are a few tips for indulging in some personal TLC that doesn’t require breaking the bank:

Do What You Love

What is your escape moment? It could be treating yourself to a matinee to catch up on the latest flick. How about having a movie marathon on your couch or inviting your besties over to join you? A Zumba class? Even something as simple as allowing yourself to sleep an extra hour or two on the weekend can be rewarding. Find something to do that helps you feel good about yourself.

Do Nothing

Spend time doing nothing. That’s right…absolutely nothing! Since most of us are accustomed to being active and always on the go, it can be a challenge to sit still. But sitting still has many great benefits including getting some much-needed rest. If it’s a beautiful day, sit outside and have a cup of coffee or tea or read a good book. Your skin will benefit by getting some natural Vitamin D. If you’re outdoors for an extended period of time, don’t forget your sunscreen.

Prayer and Meditation

Several studies have identified prayer and meditation with reducing stress and anxiety, channeling piece of mind and lowering blood pressure. Developing a habit of spending a few minutes alone in the morning or evening to meditate or pray can positively impact our mental and
physical health.

Buу Sоmеthіng Nеw

As the season changes, purchase a new lipstick or nail роlіѕh іn a color thаt уоu’vе been wаnting to buу. How about adding a new bath oil, bath bomb or your favorite Sirrah candle to your list to create your own spa retreat? Or, you could simply shop for a pair of shoes or handbag you’ve been eyeballing. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t resort to shopping for groceries or everyday items that your family needs. This shopping trip has to be all about you!

Sip On Your Favorite Beverage

After a long, arduous work week, find a quiet spot and sip on a glass of wine, make your favorite smoothie or a refreshing sparkling beverage. If your preference is for red wine, you might take pleasure in knowing studies have shown that red wine can help increase blood flow, lower your cholesterol and improve your mental well being.

Drеѕѕ tо Kіll

If, on average, you spend most of your time in sweatpants and or workout gear to run your errands, try instead to wear the clothing you love or would not normally wear. There is no fashion rule which says you cannot rock those shoes you purchased over a month ago that are just sitting on your shelf waiting for a special occasion. Grab them, match them up with a tee-shirt and your favorite jeans, pants, or skirt, step out and slay!

These are just a few of my personal suggestions. What is your favorite escape moment? Find what you love to do to recharge your mind, body and soul. Feel free to share with me at contact@sirrahcandleco.com.

Happy Pampering!

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  • Lee
    Posted at 16:10h, 17 August Reply

    I like this! Revitalization is crucial to sustaining balance.

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